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I'm happy to announce as of April 4, 2011, Shady Dell Speed Shop will be operating out of a new location in State College, Pennsylvania as a conglomeration with DL Automotive & Performance. Our new physical address for all future walk in business, parts shipments, truck freight deliveries etc. Will be: 2440 COMMERCIAL BLVD. STATE COLLEGE, PA 16801. We also have a new shop phone # at our new location: 814-308-8058. Business hours are M-F 8:30AM to 5 PM Eastern Standard Time. Weekend hours available by appointment only, contact Ryan ahead of time via email or phone. Saturday/Sunday pick up/drop off of engines/cylinder heads etc is usually not a problem, just inquire ahead of time.

Our email address is still the same as from previous years:

SDSS will be working in conjunction with DL Automotive & Performance, a full service automotive machine shop servicing Central Pennsylvania for over 30 years. SDSS has been associated with DL Auto for many shop services including dyno testing, for the past 10 years, we will now all be operating under the same roof. This move will allow us to better serve the needs of our customers, especially during the harsh winter months we have here in Central Pennsylvania. Our old location on Shady Dell Rd, in Port Matilda was often times a hindrance in poor weather. This was especially true during the peak winter "rush" work season, with engine tear downs/freshen work/new builds from November to May.

The new building gives us access to more than eight times as much square footage as we had before. An in house brand new 1600 HP Stuska engine dyno, loading bay with forklift etc. All truck freight deliveries can now come directly to the shop. We are located 5 minutes from Penn State Universities legendary Beaver Stadium just on the outskirts of State College. 5 minutes off of Interstate-99, 10 miles South of Interstate 80, for easy access for our East/West customers.

We will be updating the website with new engine build photo's, links to dyno videos/graphs, shop services photos, customer car photos, tech info etc. in the coming months. Also for those who have been asking, yes we specialize in Small Block Chrysler racing engines/ performance machining & cylinder head sales/service/porting/prep as we always have, but we have also begun to take on other Chrysler based projects such as Gen III Hemi work (2003+ 5.7/6.1) , Gen II Hemis (1964+ 426 based) As well as Big Block Chryslers. Basically if it has a Pentastar on it we'll work on it. We built several 500" Wedge motors & several Gen II Hemi's last year & currently have 3 Big Wedges in the shop at the moment for builds, scattered amongst the various small blocks & even a few 5.7's in the mix as well.

I'm proud to say we have the best Small Block Chrysler engine block CNC programming in the world. We have spent a lot of time an money developing our block machining programs & currently have over 60 separate programs for the Chrysler LA based engine blocks. Everything from stroker clearancing, to lifter bore bushing in 48 degree, 59 degree, 47 degree, R5/P7/XR2/P7 configurations, cam tunnel machining to 50 & 60 MM roller cam bearing tunnels, Jesel keyway lifter bushing installs etc. If it can be done to a SB Chrysler block, we have done it, or have the capability to do it. We have CNC programming that has removed as much as 54 lbs. from a 9.56" deck R3 race block for lightening, programs to add oil drawback holes in the lifter valleys, vent slots in lifter valleys, & one of our most popular, the 59 degree R3 block roller lifter valley wall clearancing to allow link bar style roller lifters to drop into an R3 59 degree block. Don't let your engine builder or machinist tell you you can't put roller lifters in your 59 degree R3… send it to us to have it done right the first time. We have race blocks shipped in on a weekly basis just to be CNC machined & shipped back out for customer to do their own builds.

Our in house Stuska engine dyno has really allowed us much better ability to not only learn new things, but to offer much better service to the customer, in that we are no longer "rushed" by using an outside shop for dyno services. We can spend all the time it takes to get an engine where we need it before sending it out the door. Dynoing on weekends is now an option, as well as multiple day dyno sessions. We have eight integrated exhaust gas temp sensors, as well as dual Bosch widebands to give us very accurate real time Air/Fuel data. A 1600 HP dual water brake has yet had any trouble handling anything we have thrown at it, from a lowly 440HP Magnum head engine to over 1200 HP/1000 FT LB turbocharged W9 motors. We currently have the ability to dyno any: SB Mopar, BB Mopar/Gen 2 Hemi, BB Ford, SB Ford, BB GM, SB GM, BB Pontiac. We have both 6 bolt Chrysler & 8 bolt Chrysler crank adapters, & the docking cart Stuska dyno system does not require any type of starter/flywheel/bellhousing to run an engine, so it's a very simple system to use. We are also willing to dyno motors built by outside sources… if you built your own motor & want to have us dyno tune it, we are more than willing, we have the facilities, & the parts to successfully run any small block Chrysler in a efficient & timely manner. Small block Dyno headers/ test carburetors/spacers etc are all on hand 24/7, contact us for pricing & info.

I get a lot of questions as to whether we actually sell heads, or if we just work on ones that are sent in…. let me clear that up quickly & easily. We sell ANYTHING & EVERYTHING relating to Chrysler V8 performance engines. Cylinder heads of all brands, Edelbrock, RHS, Enginequest, Mopar Performance, Brodix, INDY etc. SDSS is an INDY Warehouse Distributor, contact us for all your INDY Cylinder head needs, intake manifolds, rocker arms, head packages etc. You do not have to deal with ICH directly, let us handle all the hassles, & make sure you get the correct parts for your application at the proper price with quality machine work. We sell fully prepped R3 race blocks, custom ground cams from Bullet or Comp Cams etc. Occasionally we have some used parts for sale, I do take some parts in on trade here/there, so it never hurts to inquire as to what we have available. I would put up a used parts for sale section, but most of that stuff turns over so fast there is no point. Used race blocks/heads come through on a fairly regular basis but usually do not sit for long before I find a buyer.

We do offer cylinder head repair work, both aluminum & iron depending on the level/type of damage. We repair 20 to 30 sets of damaged heads per year. So if you accidentally dropped a bolt down your carb or just had some really bad luck with a broken valve etc. Don't scrap it, send it in to be looked at first. We also do block & crank repair work, from sleeves to crank straightening, rope welding etc. We pretty much do it all, there are very few jobs we turn down. If you are interested in having us work our magic on a brand X project (GM, Ford, Pontiac, Buick etc) Call DL Automotive & Performance at 814-238-1578 & talk to Greg. DL Specializes in Brand X pulling tractor engines (pushrod V8's) but also does a lot of dirt track & street performance engines. Everything from 4.6 Ford's to 305" Sprint car engines, to stock rebuilds & restoration engines. If it is a performance build I will be involved in the process, even though it is a "DL engine".

All our machine work is done on state of the art equipment such as an RMC V30 4 axis CNC block machine, to a Hines computerized balancer to a Sunnen SK-10 Diamond hone, a Sunnen VGS-20 seat & guide machine, Sunnen rod hone, Sunnen valve grinder, DCM cylinder head resurfacer with CBN cutters, or PCD cutters for the ultimate in gasket surface finish. Don't hesitate to contact us for all your Chrysler performance machine work needs in the future.

I want to thank all our previous customers who have worked with us in the last 10 years, & look forward to servicing your needs for the next 10+ at our new location.

- Ryan Johnson