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Current Projects

From left to right: OLD Pro Gram aluminum caps, stock MP iron caps, and the new BCR Billet aluminum caps on far right.

Pro Gram, MP, and BCR #3 Thrust caps

MP iron, Pro Gram, and BCR Caps. The BCR caps are also now avail in billet steel as well as aluminum, contact us for more info.

Blown up W8 NASCAR Craftsman truck head getting chamber damage repaired.

Same damaged NASCAR W8 head after repair
Special Projects

One of the special projects we have been working on is adapting W7/8/9 heads to 59 degree blocks

This is a W7 head on a 360 block using T&D rockers and a custom made Crane offset roller lifter

MP Tall link bar R3 non offset roller lifters mocked up with W7's on a 360

This is a set of Chapman CNC W8's that we modified the intake runners on to fit a 360 R3 with non offset lifters and .450" offset Jesel rockers

We used "Splash Zone" epoxy to create a new pushrod "pinch" runner wall

The cross section was reduced, but minimally and this is for a
turbocharged engine

Damaged old NASCAR Craftsman Truck W8 head prior to repair

Repaired NASCAR Craftsman Truck W8's

New Beryllium seats in repaired W8 head

Exhaust port blending we did on repaired W8 heads

W5 CNC Prototype intake runner W53.jpg = W5 CNC Prototype intake runner

W5 CNC Prototype short turn W56.jpg = W5 CNC Prototype short turn

W5 CNC Prototype exhaust port. These prototype ports will be digitized and W5 full CNC program coming SOON.